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ReaktArt - Art organization logo design and logo animation  

Logo design of Art organization that brings together contemporary artists from Macedonia. Name of the organization is ReaktArt. The logo is made of the first letter of the name R and the letter A for Art. The style of the logo is minimalistic and contemporary making connection with the idea of the organization to represent contemporary art and artists.

Sarika - winery logo and wine label design 

Logo design for the winery Sarika. The logo is designed of the initials of the owner of the winery and grape illustration with vine lines. The wine labels design is made of hand drawn flowers different for each wine variety. Part of label design is a short poem for each wine. 

SM - logo design  and branding

Logo and stationary design of the personal web page. The project is a The initales SM are used for the logo design. The logo is made of the circle shape. The circle is also used as a pattern for the stationary design and tote bag design. The client is selling health sector products to private customers. The client products are from a global corporation called «Forever Living» The client supports its customers on their way to get better health and be more sporty, how to make more out of their lives, how to gain more time and how to improve their quality of life. Primary color is turquoise as a color that client like most.